Wedding Trends – Why mix and match is your best friend

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Wedding Trends – Why mix and match is your best friend

The theory of mix and match is essentially the same as a musical chord (bear with me here). A collection of notes, some high, some low, that come together to create a beautiful harmonious sound. Mix and match allows you to find colours, ideas, textures and styles that complement each other but aren’t absolutely identical. One of the hardest parts of my job as a designer was matching colours across different fabrics and materials – it’s notoriously hard to do. So why give yourself the headache? In fact, using a palette of colours and tones that sit well together helps to give depth and texture to your wedding, both on the day and in the photographs that follow. You no longer have the stress of trying to match your table cloths to your bridesmaid dresses, or your flowers to the invitations, giving yourself options rather than limiting your choices.

Embrace the easy option

That’s why mix and match has become the biggest wedding trend for years – because it’s actually easier, and it looks great! It may seem daunting at first, but the best way to approach it is with tones. Greyed off pastels? Vibrant poppy brights? Warm deep colours? Pick a group, stick with it, and your wedding will come together beautifully (I promise!).

It doesn’t just apply to colour

One thing I learnt very quickly in my job is that no two bodies are the same. Ever. That’s the beautiful thing about women, we’re unique. From our squidgy bits to our flats bits, bumpy bits to boney bits, there are no two the same. So finding one dress that all five – or six, or ten (yes, ten!) – bridesmaids¬†are not only going to love, but all look completely stunning in, is quite a challenge. It can be done but honestly, some trends are godsends and mix and match is one. Long gone are the days of a bride not wanting her bridesmaids to outshine her. Firstly, unless you’re putting them in big ivory dresses that’s going to be fairly hard to do, but more importantly, these are your GIRLS! Your life long ladies, that have been there and supported you through ups and downs, hell and highwater. You want them to feel comfortable on your big day. There are definitely still rules, such as sticking to one fabric, and having elements of the dresses that sit together, like similar gathering or matching belts. So having a pre-approved list is advisable. But ultimately they will thank you, and you can move on peacefully knowing that everyone is happy.

So remember..

Mix and match is your best friend, embrace it! xx

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