Style Tips – The Perfect Veil

The Wedding Gallery - The Perfect Veil

Style Tips – The Perfect Veil

Personally, I do love a veil. To some it may seem old fashioned, or just plain old inconvenient, but I really do think they are a beautiful addition to any wedding dress. They come in all shapes and sizes, and there is definitely an option to suit (almost) any bride!

Oh the drama

Even if it is for the photos alone, a veil gives such a dramatic look that – let’s be honest – you will only ever get to wear on your wedding day. With fine tulle framing your face, picking up details from your dress and creating an aura around you, a veil can be the ultimate accessory.

Bouffant, Cathedral or Mini

When it comes to a veil, it is absolutely key that you find one that you feel comfortable in. You don’t want it to feel heavy, or irritating; the veil should just compliment your dress. If you have a long train, then having a cathedral length veil looks stunning. And if you are worried about covering up your dress, go for a fine tulle in a single layer. If you have a shorter train but want some added drama for the aisle, a veil with lace around the train is stunning. And the best bit – you can take it off and be free to dance the night away!

For a sexy fishtail dress, a veil that just scoops under your bottom really shows off your ‘assets’! Try a satin edge to match a satin dress, or a lace applique to match a lace gown. If it’s bling you’re into, a beautiful jewel teardrop veil can add a really beautiful sparkle.

Do I have to cover my face?

This is completely up to you, and even though it may feel like a more traditional approach, many brides still do. You will need a two tier veil in order to do this, and will also have to trust your loved one to lift it – very carefully! This is a definite trend with celebrities (think Geri Halliwell, now Horner) who had a beautiful tulle veil elegantly covering her face.

Create an heirloom

A veil, along with your accessories, is a really lovely item to pass down the generations or amongst friends. Some of the most emotional moments we have in the boutique are when a bride puts on her family veil. It can feel like a good luck omen and a little piece of history being made.

But it’s just not me

It’s absolutely fine to just not be into the veil thing. As much as I love them, for some brides it does just feel uncomfortable and not how they imagine their day. But it won’t stop us from trying! xx

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