Shopping Guide to Wedding Shoes

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Shopping Guide to Wedding Shoes

It’s that time of year when every bride starts panicking… about their wedding shoes! It’s a tricky decision and one that is often left at the bottom of the priority list, until the deadline of your first fitting starts approaching. There are no die-hard rules on what to wear. But hopefully this checklist will help you on your way.

How often do you wear heels?

Some women are born for heels and have no problem wearing a sky scraper for twelve hours a day. Others, are not (myself included)! Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with heel height, so stick to what you know. Weddings are a long day, and you will on your feet for a lot of it so you must be comfortable.

For a regular heel wearer the world is your oyster. But even then, don’t push for that extra inch of height as you may live to regret it. If you occasionally wear heels then go for a height that is just a touch lower than usual, and it will feel surprisingly comfortable. And if you are dedicated to flats, then we would always recommend trying to find a shoe with at least an inch or two of height. It just helps your posture and will make you stand straighter, whilst still being comfortable.

What kind of heel?

Stilettos, blocks, wedges, platforms, it really doesn’t matter. Unless you are wearing a short gown, the only part of your shoe that will be seen is the front. So choose a heel that will give you the most comfort, and also bear in mind the kind of flooring at your venue. Stilettos and grass are not a match made in heaven! Go for a nice block heel, which is elegant and on trend, but much more practical.

Up front style

So what about the style of your shoes. Well again, anything goes. It’s about your personality, the style of the wedding and of course – your gown! If your dress is light and soft, then a softer shoe would work well. An open toe or sandal, for instance. However if your dress is vintage inspired it might be nice to have a more vintage styled shoe. A beautiful closed toe court shoe is a more traditional choice and can sometimes feel more appropriate for a church wedding.

Do you have to buy bridal shoes?

The simple answer is no. But, bridal shoes are definitely worth looking into as they are designed to be super comfortable and supportive. Our best advice would be to know your own feet! If you have a favourite pair of court shoes that you wear day in and day out, then a nude or ivory version would be absolutely perfect, even if they are just M&S basics. Equally, if you know you can dance the night away in H&M heels, there is no reason you can’t wear those on your wedding day. If you want to splurge and find some beautiful high-end shoes that you’ll cherish forever, just remember to wear them in well before the big day. If they aren’t comfortable to wear around the house, they won’t be comfortable on your wedding day!

Colours of the rainbow

Your shoes are a lovely way to inject some more personality into your bridal look. We see lots of brides choosing an unusual colour to really add a touch of fun to their outfit. If that isn’t for you, then how about a lovely subtle metallic that ties with your theme? The only word of caution we would advise, is to check that the colour won’t transfer on to your gown if it gets wet!

All that jazz

And finally, just another word of caution. Weddings are not complete without a touch of sparkle, and shoes are a lovely way to add this into your look. However, do be careful that any diamantes or embellishment on your shoes won’t catch on your dress. This can cause tangles – and no bride wants to battle her way down the aisle – or may even damage the gown.

Where do I find all of these beautiful shoes?

Unfortunately, wedding shoe shopping is not always an easy task. Many bridal boutiques just don’t have the space to offer the breadth of selection that our lovely brides need. There are some that do, and some highstreet stores hold wedding ranges, but a lot of shopping has now gone online. To round up, here are some starting points that we would recommend:

John Lewis  |  Jenny Packham for LK Bennett  |  Rainbow Club  |  Charlotte Mills  |  Marks and Spencer

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