The Special Relationship

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The Special Relationship

As a bridal retailer, we are in a truly privileged position – the special relationship. And no not with Mr. Trump, but with you our customers! It means so much when we receive pictures and thank you’s from our customers. It truly is a journey that we go on together.

Zipped Lips

This week we received a lovely email from a customer who got married last year. At the time she bought her dress, we knew that she and her husband to be were trying to start a family against some tough odds. And when the fittings started, we knew that there would be three of them standing at the alter. But, it was a secret they wanted to keep. So through some clever dress making and alterations, nobody guessed a thing. Now, six months later, the patter of tiny feet has arrived!

Precious Moments

It’s such a beautiful story and one that really resonated with me. There is so much about a wedding that is grand and bold and very public, but it’s the quiet moments and little secret surprises along the way that really make it personal and special.

The Journey

No longer are weddings the beginning of the story like they used to be. So much life has been lived before hand, but they do mark the start of a new chapter, which is still just as special and exciting. Whether it’s the final step before starting a family, or the joining of two families into one, it’s such a privilege to come along on the journey with you.

Keep in touch

Following the wedding there is almost as much organising to do as before it! But we do love to hear from our brides, so please remember to keep in touch. Send us those special moments! x

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