Firstly, a big thank you

Bridal Boutique St Albans

Firstly, a big thank you

Welcome to The Wedding Gallery blog! I’m Alice by the way, owner of this lovely bridal boutique in St Albans. And yes, I can honestly say I feel lucky and honoured to have one of the best jobs going.

A bit about me

I have always loved and worked in fashion, making my own clothes with my mum as a child, going on to study fashion at university and then working as a designer in London for several years. A life as a designer can be thrilling, always moving forwards and looking for the next big trend. I was lucky to travel the world and get an understanding of how a sketch that I drew could transform into a garment that you are wearing in a matter of months. And yet.. there was always a disconnection from the most important person – the customer!  No amount of online comments or focus group feedback can tell you how a woman feels when they wear your clothes. Why they love something, or why in the end it wasn’t for them.

Changes ahead

So I set about to change that! Now I can honestly say that the best part of my job is meeting all of you lovely ladies. As much as I love the wedding dresses (and I do, trust me, there’ll be more on that later!) my favourite part of the day is welcoming a new bride into the boutique, and getting to know her, her family and her wedding. Every bride is so different, and it’s a privilege to be able to support and guide each one. It’s so thrilling, watching their face light up with excitement and anticipation as a new dress is tried on and **gasp** as they find the one. It’s hard not to get emotional when a mum sees her daughter in the dress for the first time, or when a chatty grandmother falls silent in awe at her beautiful granddaughter.

And so..

As the blog grows I’ll probably talk more about wedding dresses, bridesmaids and colours schemes, but I wanted to start by focussing on the most important thing – you! It really is an honour to do the job that I do, and that’s because of our wonderful customers, so thank you xx

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