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The Perfect Shape

The most common statement I hear from brides is “you’ll probably know which shape will suit me better than I will”. And the simple answer is yes. From years of experience working with women and dresses of all shapes and sizes, I will be able to understand from a quick glance at your figure, which shape is going to “work”.

Which shape is for me?

Most wedding dresses can grouped into the following: ball gown, A-line, fishtail, column, circle. Each has different characteristics and suits a different shape. A lot also depends on the fabric, as to how soft or structured the shape becomes.

The Ball Gown

A ball gown creates a tiny waist balanced by a wonderfully full skirt, often made from layer upon layer of tulle and netting. These styles are fantastic for women with a straighter frame (where your hips and waist are a similar measurement) as it creates the hourglass shape for you. Most have hidden straps at the waist so they are surprisingly comfortable, despite their size! Also great for pear shapes (fuller in the hips and bum), as those areas are hidden away under the skirt.

The A-line

The A-line dress is very flattering for most figures. As with the ball gown, it creates a beautiful hourglass shape but is flatter over your tummy and hips, and gently flares out to the hem (like a capital A). A-line dresses are a bit more practical than the ball gown, whilst still giving a very bridal silhouette. If you are fuller in the waist (apple shaped) then an A-line with no waist seam is a great option for you as it lengthens your body.

The Fishtail

Also known as the mermaid or trumpet, the fishtail hugs closely over your body and then flares out from the thigh or knee to create a very sexy silhouette. There are lots of variations in this category, depending on the fabric used and the look of the dress – some are structured and very pronounced, others are soft and flowing. The fishtail is great for curvier figures, as they generally follow the line of your body. Unfortunately, a straighter figure can look boyish in a fishtail.

The Column

Great for those wanting a comfortable and lightweight wedding dress, the column dress can create a very elegant and chic look without adding volume. The column is suited to an hourglass figure, and due to the way it falls from the body rather than clings, can help give the illusion of a peachy bottom!

The Circle

The circle skirt is a very soft and feminine silhouette, closely related to the A-Line but the cut allows more movement in the skirt. Again, very flattering on all figures as it creates a soft hourglass shape with a small waist and the fullness around the hem.

I’m too fat / thin / curvy / straight

Stop right there! No bride is too ‘anything’ for a dress. As I said above, these are the simple answers. Unfortunately, they don’t take into account how you FEEL. Some brides want to feel like a princess, and some want to feel sexy. Some brides want to feel quirky and others want to feel classic. I can tell you what will suit you, but I can’t tell you what will make you feel AMAZING. That’s the journey we go on together! Just because a dress isn’t necessarily the “right shape” for you, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right dress.

Be brave, be bold

So go for it ladies, be brave with your style choices and listen to your gut. Throw those apples and pears out of the window xxx

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